Beauty Water® Shower Purification System

A water purification shower system that removes 91% of chlorine and damaging chemicals from your polluted tap water transforming it into pure, pH balanced water  to keep hair healthy and skin hydrated. 



This exclusive, patented 2-stage purification filter is designed to remove synthetic chemicals and toxic heavy metals from drinking water and JONATHAN PRODUCT® is the first to incorporate this technology into a shower filter. Removes chlorine (91%) , heavy metals like copper & lead, and harsh chemicals that damage, dry and strip hair of protective natural oils. These chemicals are also dangerous to our health as they vaporize in the shower and can be inhaled. Showering in pure, chemical-free water helps hair and skin feel softer, prolongs the life and vibrancy of your color while protecting hair’s natural shine and gloss. The filter’s life is 6 months*. See ‘Installation” for details.

  • Reduces up to 91 % of chlorine
  • Filters heavy metals, harsh chemicals and reduces harmful VOCs (synthetic organic compounds)
  • Helps preserve hair color and softens hair and skin

SKU | AS100-11

Stage 1 Redox: Kinetically removes 91 % of chlorine through an oxidation process that also pre-conditions the water for enhanced filtration

Stage 2 Filtration: Granular activated carbon with ion exchange resin reduces VOCs, synthetic organic compounds, and heavy metals, like copper and lead. The complex ion exchange mechanism attracts heavy metal from tap water and replaces them with healthy potassium ions to balance pH and produce the closest thing to natural spring water.


Congratulations on your purchase of BEAUTY WATER ® SHOWER PURIFICATION SYSTEM!

Step 1: unpack the contents:

  • 1 Pre-assembled Purification Filter System
  • 1 Instructions Brochure

Step 2: Remove the plastic shipping plugs from the inlet and outlet of the filter system and make sure the white rubber washer is in the chrome swivel inlet connector.

Step 3: remove your existing shower head from the shower supply pipe

Step 4: attach the assembled water filter system to the supply pipe. While holding the shower filter in a stationary position, thread the chrome swivel collar onto the shower pipe by turning clockwise. Tighten the connector finger tight and then turn the additional ¼ turn or until the filter system retains a firm position (a pair of pliers may be used). Over tightening may cause the washer to compress into the inside of the shower pipe, resulting in leakage around the connector. If this occurs, remove the swivel collar from the pipe, re-install the washer and reconnect to the shower pipe.

Step 5: Flush and activate the filter. Once the filter unit is installed in the proper position it is time to flush and activate the filter cartridge.

Step 6: use cold water for the initial flushing; see “Note” below for flushing precaution. After the water has turned clear, adjust the temperature up to a normal shower temperature. Notice that there is a slight delay in temperature adjustment due to the volume of water in the filter; take this delay into account when making temperature adjustments. Make slight adjustment and wait 30 seconds for temperature change. Run water until clear and then turn off and then back on several times. Repeat this procedure until the initial surge of water is free of discoloration.

Step 7: attach the shower head to the filer body. Enjoy the benefits of showering in healthy, chlorine – filtered water!

NOTE: the initial surge of water may be discolored due to carbon fines and may soil your shower stall. It is recommended that you capture the first 1 – 2 gallons of water in a bucket. This carbonated water is very beneficial for plants and the environment and can be discarded in a plant bed or down the drain.

LIFE OF THE FILTER: Designed to last 6 months under normal conditions of use. Depending on how many people are using the same shower and how many times a day you shower, on average the filter should last 3 – 6 months. If an individual showers once or twice per day, then change the filter in 6 months. If several family members are showering once or twice per day, then the filter should be replaced about every 3 months.

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