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A collection that makes achieving silky smooth, frizz-free hair effortless!  Formulated with hydrolyzed hair keratin protein, and platinum peptides to strengthen the hair cuticle and repair individual strands. Electrical charge attraction promotes adhesion of the cuticle to the hair shaft, in effect sealing the cuticle to protect from humidity and prevent frizz. Hair is noticeably shinier, smoother and more manageable. 
Unique Properties and Ingredients:
• Hydrolyzed Hair Keratin Protein & Platinum Peptides – small molecules quickly penetrate to repair hair. Promotes adhesion of the cuticle to the hair shaft through electrical charge attraction, sealing the cuticle to protect from humidity and prevent frizz.
• Date Fruit Extract – lightly coats the hair and seals the cuticle to reduce frizz
• Babassu & Avocado Oils – soothe and moisturize hair and scalp. Contain vitamins A, D, E & B6 for intense conditioning, calcium and iron for strengthening hair
• Blend of Exotic Butters – Illipe, almond and shea butters are rich in vitamins A, E & F to restore elasticity, hydrate hair and tame frizz
• Essential Water – purified, de-ionized water infused with natural botanicals
• UVA/UVB/UVC Filters – shield hair from environmental damage and help prevent color fading
• Free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes. Safe for color treated hair. 100% Vegan. 

Weightless SMOOTH No-Frizz Shampoo

Weightless SMOOTH No-Frizz Conditioner  

Weightless SMOOTH No-Frizz Hydrating Balm