A collection of styling products that will create the ‘second day’ hair, with great manageability, control, and definition.

DIRT® Texturizing Paste

Create voluminous, full-bodied hairstyles with shape, definition, and that perfect ‘second day hair’ look!


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SILKY DIRT® Shine & Define Crème

At last! Long hair can have the super shine and frizz-free taming it craves while at the same time repairing damaged strands from within. Packed with Sunflower Phytoceramides and serious shine boosters, Silky Dirt can revive even the dullest long hair – anytime, anywhere.


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DRY DIRT® Texture Spray

Get tousled, slept-in looks with Dry DIRT Texture Hairspray!
Provides dramatic separation and definition for a textured voluminous look.


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Dirt® Mini

Take your favorite with you! This mineral oil-free, water-based texturizing paste is especially good for giving hair control, definition, separation & that better-than-clean, day-after look.


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