Hair-Styling Tips


Hair Volume & Body

Step 1
Run Jonathan Product INGFINITE Volume Thickening Foam through dry hair, roots to ends.

Step 2
Add extra to the roots, scrunch & blow dry for added texture and volume.

*help your volume – with Dry DIRT® Texturizing Spray – flip your head upside down, and with three short spritzes, spray from the roots to the ends, and tousle with your fingers for style.


Sleek & chic!

  • Apply evenly to damp hair. Air dry or blow dry. Hair is frizz-free and silky smooth.
  • For added conditioning, detangling and protection, spritz Redo Mist on damp hair before applying No-Frizz Hydrating Balm.

*Mix Weightless Smooth No-Frizz Hydrating Balm with Infinite Volume Thickening Foam for smooth hair with added volume.

DIRT® PASTE Texturizing Paste

That famous ‘Second Day Hair”

Hair Type:
Good for straight, wavy, & curly hair.

  • Great for men and women with short to medium length hair.
  • Good for thin, fine to medium hair textures.
  • Apply one inch from root through to ends, fluffing and piecing out strands as you go through the hair.


  • Use on dry hair mainly.
  • Can be used on damp hair that is super short like men’s and pixie styles.
  • Great for use after heat styling with curling iron to separate ringlets and lock in curls/waves.
  • Great for taming flyaway hairs and cowlicks.
  • Great for creating and molding hair into updo styles - provides natural yet effective control.

Second day hair

For superb control, wait until hair is completely dry. Rub a dime-sized amount into palms until it disappears. Then distribute sparingly throughout hair and tousle for perfect manageability.

Volume Express
When you need a little added lift before a big night on the town or that special event, emulsify Dirt in your palms and scrunch in at the roots. Then add some texture by running hands through ends and piecing out locks.

Ponytail Madness

For simple and chic manageability, wait until hair is damp or dry then pull into a ponytail or twist into a casual updo. Also use Dirt to tame flyaways around the face and top of your “do” for the perfect finish.

Silky DIRT®Shine & Define Crème

Hair Type:

  • Good for straight, wavy, curly hair.
  • Great for medium to long hair styles.
  • Good for medium to thick, coarse, frizz-prone hair textures.

Apply midlengths through to ends, smoothing or scrunching (curly hair) as you go along.


  • Use on dry hair to finish and add shine to style.
  • Use on damaged hair ends to tame frizziness and restore healthy look.
  • Can be used on damp hair if hair type is extremely coarse, curly, or ethnic.
  • Provides added control and moisture.
  • Can be used on damp hair when pulling back into ponytail or looking to achieve sleek wet look styles.
Naturally Brilliant

At last! Long hair can have the super shine and frizz-free taming it craves while at the same time repairing damaged strands from within. Packed with Sunflower Phytoceramides and serious shine boosters, Silky Dirt can revive even the dullest long hair – anytime, anywhere.

Beachy Beauty
Tousle tresses, either damp or dry, with a bit of Silky Dirt. Remember, a little goes a long way to give long hair that “day at the beach” sexy sheen and texture.

Hollywood Glamour
For glitz and glam hair, all you need is Silky Dirt. Dry hair completely and use a large barrel iron to add a bit of curl or wave section by section. Complete the look and boost shine with a dab of Silky Dirt. Be sure to spread throughout from midlengths to ends for beautifully separated, chic and in-control locks.

DRY DIRT® Texturizing Spray

For the actual ‘second day’ hair, and for the wished-for slept-in, tousled looks

To create that sexy, tousled, “bed head”-

For Added Texture and Definition: Work through dry hair. Separating sections, twist and blow dry.

For Volume: For an extra boost of volume, flip hair over and spray onto dry hair. Tousle, then flip and reapply spray throughout hair for soft body and bounce.

Shake well before use. For best results, hold can 6-8” from hair and spray at roots in between layers.

If your blow out is 1,2,3… days old:

  • This invisible hold spray is ideal to lift the roots, make them appear less oily, create volume, and give a fresh definition. Flip your hair upside down and spray from roots to the ends in a few spritzes, and tousle with your fingers.
  • To treat only roots: apply the spray to the brush, not the roots, and run the brush through the hair, starting at the roots.

*For the best result, combine Awake Color Root touch-up & dry shampoo (in your shade) to help absorb excess oil from roots and strands. To treat the entire length of the hair, combine Dry DIRT texturizing Spray with Hydracurls Sea Mist – the salt in the spray helps break down oil and the products’ build-ups in the hair.

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