DIRT® Texturizing Paste

Create voluminous, full-bodied hairstyles with shape, definition, and that perfect ‘second day hair’ look!


There’s something amazing about the way hair looks and behaves the day after – washing that is. It has great manageability & sheen. DIRT® helps you get that day‐after look simply, without hassle. A water‐based texturizing paste especially good for giving hair control, definition, separation & that better‐than‐clean, day‐after look. UV Filters: Shield hair from environmental damage and color fading. No Mineral Oil, Synthetic Colors, or DEA. Paraben free

  • Great for shaping hair and adding definition
  • Provides texture and control
  • Gives a piecy, separated look
  • Provides amazing shine
  • Can be used on damp or dry hair
  • Great for men and women with short to medium length hair
  • Good for creating and molding hair into updo styles

SKU | DP100-20
  • Sugar Emollients: Help improve hair condition & texture
  • Sweet Almond & Soy Proteins: Help to repair, strengthen and improve the appearance of weak, damaged hair. Adds volume and brilliance.
  • Natural Botanical Extracts: White tea, Hawaiian White Ginger, Aloe & Watercress help to strengthen, condition and improve the manageability of hair while increasing shine and silkiness
  • Lemongrass Essential Water: Conditions hair, improves shine and adds body
Apply a small amount into palms. Run through dry or damp hair to chunk, mold, piece and style. Great for short or medium length hair. Also good for men’s and pixie styles.

Customer Reviews

  • Author: Noah Gauthier
    DIRT is my Favorite Product, it smells amazing, and its not greasy like all the other brands.
  • Author: Penny Narron
    my hair is only 1 to
    2 inches long, but can't live without this product
  • Author: Gwen Migel
    This stuff is AMAZING! It gives you a finished look without stiffness or stickiness of spray! The product holds all day ... if your hair starts to droop at all just run your finger thru and VOILA instant redo. LOVE IT
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