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Anti-Aging Restorative Shampoo (2.1 fl oz). This rich, creamy cleanser, has been designed to help prevent future breakage and leaves hair vibrant and youthful.



Anti-Aging Restorative Shampoo (2.1 fl oz)

This rich, creamy cleanser, has been designed to help prevent future breakage and leaves hair vibrant and youthful.

Moisturizing Sugar Foam cleanses hair without damaging sulfates while Tourmaline & Amethyst use a unique charged ionic crystal blend to improve shine, smoothness and manageability of hair. Lustreplex™ Shine Retention restores luminosity normally lost by shampooing.

Chardonnay and Moringa Seed Extract prevent color fading and purifies and protects hair against environmental stresses. Our unique Mineral Peptide Blend stimulates melanin production to help re-color grey hair.

For best results, use with IB Infuser Anti-Aging Restorative Conditioner.

Perfect hair begins with purified water and sulfate-free shampoo. This rich, creamy, UV cleanser is the first step in bringing hair back to perfection. Experience softness and strength like never before.

How To

APPLICATION: Massage shampoo from scalp through ends. Rinse & follow with IB Infuser for best results.

RESULT: Hair is clean, strong, nourished and shiny.


  • Rosemary/Sage Essential Water: Invigorates & Restores
  • Moisturizing Sugar Foam: Gently Cleanses
  • Ionic Balance Technology®: Charged ions & Far Infrared energy help revitalize the scalp to maintain optimum hair health
  • Tourmaline & Amethyst: Charged ionic crystal blend known to improve shine, smoothness, and manageability of hair
  • Lustreplex™ Shine Retention: Restores the luminosity normally lost by shampooing
  • Mineral Peptide Blend: Has been shown to stimulate melanin production to help re-color grey hair
  • Triple-Protein Blend: Sweet Almond, Rice & Soy smooth & strengthen damaged cuticles
  • Blend of 8 Amino Acids: Deeply nourishes hair & scalp to promote healthy hair growth
  • Chardonnay Extract: Rare & potent antioxidant helps prevent color fading
  • Moringa Seed Extract: Anti-pollution peptide purifies & protects against environmental stresses

Simple Tips

Simple Tip 1: Warm water opens hair cuticles like it opens skin pores, so washing hair with warm water will effectively remove soil inside and outside the hair shaft. And never use a shampoo with sulfates.

Simple Tip 2: Experiment! Even oily hair might be drier during the winter months and would benefit from Moisturizing Shampoo. Or over-processed hair might need a little body at times. Limp, thin, dry hair begs for both, so try a mixture. Alternate or use a little of both shampoos together depending on your hair's needs for best results

Simple Tip 3: Want to achieve a thicker feel for extremely thin hair? Try cleansing with a mix of conditioner and shampoo blended together. Then follow with a little Leave-In Glossing Creme on damp hair.

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